Data entry automation solutions into websites

Data entry automation solutions and systems

Do you find your staff time is taken up with manually inputting data into another website? We can help automate repetative processes with Chrome plugins and Automated Apps

systems that

Input & Extract Data

Enjoy seamless automation at the click of a button

Save time on repetative tasks

Far too much staff time is now spent by businesses manually entering data into other websites that don't have API's intergration options.

Second Input

Second Input

Automate to reduce human data input error

Human's make date input errors when manually typing. Automation allows data directly from your CRM, database or excel sheet to be input without mistakes to another system.

We build bespoke Chrome browser plug-in's and automation software which allows you to connect your database or excel data to automatically input your data into their systems like someone is typing it in.

Buttons can be built to allow quicker actions to take place, such as turning a 15 step process into a single button click allowing system does it all for you at high speed.

Speeding up management of external data can make huge changes to the amount of administration time that is spent by staff completing repetitive actions, such as online ordering, or data sharing.

More ways to automate your business

Need API automation, or schduled tasks, we can help businesses become more efficient. Learn more


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Each intergration we build is bespoke for the individial setup, so please get in touch with your specific requirements.

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