Cloud Database Development for your Business

Cloud Database for your Business

Cloud and integrated business technology can transform the way your company runs making it more efficient and cost effective.

Choose from Cloud or On-site hosting allowing you to manage your data securely.

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Innovative Cloud Database Solutions

We transform businesses with cloud technology to become more efficient, streamlined and competitive..

Cloud Databases

Improving your Systems

Are you looking to change the way your business works? Moving your database to the cloud allows your staff to experience a user friendly browser based system, where everything is intuitive and requires little or no training.

Our databases are built bespoke, ensuring the language use and data exactly mirrors your required business processes.

We work with a range of different business sectors to bring our in-house skill set to transform communications, data management and reporting to save your business time.

How does it work?

If you think your company could be more efficient, give us a call and we can come in and overview your business processes. We then propose services that would help improve your business, such as cloud database development or other hybrid solutions.

If you already have an idea, but are not sure of the feasibility, give us a call. We can talk you through the process, bringing in our ideas to develop a solution.

Case Studies

Manufacturing Database

Manufacturing Database

Stock & production and order management system

LEM Database

Lab / LEM Database

Internal Lab Database with certificate creation

Roofing Database

Roofing Database

Sales and Order Management Database with Onsite Apple App

Care Database

Care Database

Resident management system with Staff Android App

Asbestos Database

Asbestos Database

Cloud Asbestos bases with offline app and file sync

Process Management Database

Process Database

Cloud database with tablet stations and delivery system

Types of Features

We have experience in building an extensive array of database systems for a range of business sectors with an extensive range of functionality.

Asset Management
Product Creation
Logging & Audit
File Management

Supplier Preferences
Invoice Creation
Document Creation

Stock Management
My Account Areas
Assess Management

Zoe from The Lyme Trust said

Quote When I was tasked to look into a CRM system for The Lyme Trust I was perusing the internet and singing up for webinars and walk throughs of various CRM templates, even having a look into a system specifically designed for the social care industry. These systems were proving to be costly and not suitable for the Trust. I spoke with Develop Systems and asked if they could help with our CRM, having various services cared for by them already, it made sense!

It was reassuring knowing that I could liaise with a local company and we had our first meeting to discuss our needs and to share any documentation which would need to be integrated into the CRM. I was expecting it to be daunting and I didn’t think I would understand any technical talk…I didn’t need to be worried! With a roll of wallpaper and a pot of coffee The Lyme Trust’s processes were laid out on the table and Juliet took care of all the technical stuff.

When the first version was presented to us we realised that it was a system specifically for the Trust. What I liked about using it for the first time was I felt like I already knew the system, because I had an input in creating it and it was all our processes and data in one place.

Fast forward from all the testing, additions and adjustments, which can be made to the system at any time, and we have seen a really positive impact the system has made to The Trust.

The aim of the CRM was to reduce the cost and use of paper and other materials, enable staff to spend more time with residents and less time completing admin and to improve communication amongst all departments.

We can now proudly say that we are more environmentally friendly, communication has improved within the team and our main goal, to provide a stable and comfortable environment for all of our residents, has been exceeded.

How much does it cost?

Cost of any system depends on the amount of time involved in the project. We do however find that it takes a very short amount of time, sometimes just a few months, for companies to gain the return on their investment. Staff time alone can be significantly reduced, leaving your staff to get on with the more productive tasks or reducing your staff overheads.

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