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Our UK Datacentres

Ensuring all data is held in our UK datacentres to ensure your data's GDPR compliance.

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UK Datacentres


Our UK datacentres are all ISO9001, ISO27001 and ISO20000 accredited.

When choosing Hosting Systems for your cloud services, you ensure your data in held safe and secure in our racks our ISO accredited Datacentres, here in the UK.

We provision and manage all our own hardware and software equipment within the Datacentres and it is securely locked down to authorise staff as part of our companies core security policy.

Resistant Routing

Our dual fail over BGP routing is provided directly onto the UK backbone with 99.9% uptime guaranteed

Failover Power

The local electrical utility company provides a high capacity HV ring from their primary substation. Being a ring the data centre is protected against cable damage from road works and the like. Onsite at the data centres main facilities there are several independent n+1 UPS Systems and multiple diesel generators within onsite energy centres.

Within the facilities, each hall benefits from an independent power supply, backed by UPS and generator so in case of any outage or surge all systems are protected and will continue to receive power. In addition, the data centre's PDUs and air-con systems benefit from additional switchgear, so individual racks remain cool during outages.

If the power goes down totally, the data centre's UPS systems take over, providing uninterrupted power whilst our generators kick in. Once activated, the generators have a weeks' worth of fuel on-site, giving ample options for backups and peace of mind that continuous power can be provided and the generators refuelled.

Locked Down Security

At the building level, bollards prevent external access by ram raiders. The data centre is manned with site security 24*7*365. CCTV starts at the car park and extends right the way through to our racks. CCTV records for a full 30 days. Motion detection systems throughout the building and intruder alarms on all the lifts, with a specifically and individually secured goods lift. The data centre requires the use of a proximity card and biometrics for entry.


Our servers are kept at between 18 degrees and 22 degrees - well within the recommended guidelines for IT equipment established by the well respected ASHRAE organisation.

24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, the data centre has optimal air conditioning using intelligent, localised cooling methodologies. Our under-floor systems distribute and manage cooling and by strategic placement of racks and cooling units we reduce the impact of temperature hotspots.

Our racks always face one another, face to face, back to back. This alternating arrangement of warm and cold corridors helps keep the temperature down by ensuring that the warm back of a system is never venting hot air towards the cold front of another server. Air drawn in from cold air vents in the floor in front of systems exits through the warmer rear corridor, and it's then drawn back into our air conditioning system for cooling.

Fire Suppression

For businesses that are reliant on massive amounts of electronics, fire prevention is top of the safety agenda. Our data centre has the safest, most fire-resistant environment possible.

The data centre utilise Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) equipment. VESDA systems constantly analyse air composition by passing particles in front of a laser, and triggering warning systems if particles of combustion are found.

Smoke detectors are positioned throughout the data centre and in floor and roof spaces. These work on a 'double knock' system, looking out for smoke in two zones simultaneously before triggering an alarm. In this case, FM200 and Argonite gas are used to suppress any potential fires before they take hold. Both gases are harmless to our systems.

All fires are extinguished within 10 seconds, minimising toxins and the presence of soot.

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