4G & 5G Internet for business

4G & 5G Internet for business

Unable to get good quality wired connections? With 4G and 5G options, this can often give you much better speeds.

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4G & 5G Internet


Unlimited SIM

Great speeds are available now (up to 40MB) on 4G and (up to 100MB) on 5G for those businesses whose wired Internet connection is poor and not fast enough for cloud technology.

We provide a choice of two suppliers depending on your local coverage:

Vodafone 02

Options & Addons

£300one off Failover Router Add SIM backup for your wired internet connection.

£220/one off 4G Router Dedicated router with Wi-fi.

£600/one off 5G Router Dedicated router with Wi-fi.

Support for your business from the centre of the UK!

Our fantastically friendly support team are based in the UK in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

Cloud experts for over 23 years, why not call a member of the team and find out how we can help you transition your business to make the most of the cloud.

Cloud Phone Systems Staffordshire UK

High quality hardware

We work with a range of suppliers to bring you the best is hardware.

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